Alright friends and family of  Studio 11, it’s that time of year again!!  Time for reflection of the past, and forecasting of the future!  We here cannot thank you all enough for yet another fantastic year at Studio 11, we’ve had some amazing projects come through this year!  So many in fact, that I’m nearly at a loss for words!  Looking over the massive amounts of session files from the A room and the B room is just astounding.  From producers, to artists, and us the engineers, everyone put our all into these projects making your concepts realities.  We couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve all accomplished together.  From artists getting signed, to mixtape downloads reaching over 9,000 in just four days, to just hotness being laid down in the studio on the daily,  everybody deserves a glass raised!  We would like to recognize a few of the artists that took off in 2010:

Rockie Fresh


Boss Kane



Butta Da Prince

Big Homie Doe


Reno Chinati

JDP and C Rich of Flyy City Entertainment

Prophet and Sasso

Demi Lobo

Streets on Fire

James Curd

There are so many more of you too mention it’s just amazing!! Everybody was on the hard grind this year, putting out amazing music covering from backpacker hip hop, gangster, r&b, rock n’ roll, edm, experiemental, and beyond.  Chicago as per usual, is consistently producing some of the best examples of established, and new genres alike.  Everybody that came through Studio 11 in 2010 (or just ever!) were a part of showcasing just how rich and diverse of an artists city Chi really is.

I myself,  couldn’t be more grateful to have been welcomed into the fold here at Studio 11 so graciously… it’s truly been an honor and a privilege to be among your ranks.  I look back and cannot believe the insurmountable amount of talent that we’ve got in Chicago coming through here,  it’s just astounding!!  I know I’m incredibly proud to be a part of it, as is our man Steve.  (not too forget Dan and Alex! I got you!)   We hope you all have had/ are having a wonderful holiday season, and we all four greatly look forward to 2011!  It’s the year of 11 people!! Let’s get some big and bigger things accomplished this year!!


Your Studio 11 Team: Steve, Erik, Alex, and Dan


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