I’m back from a weekend in NYC at the annual AES show. While the show was half the size this year, there seemed to be more people than usual though. There were times when all the aisles were packed. Below are some gear highlights of the show:

New modules from Radial – 500 series fans will be pleasantly surprised to find the same classsic Radial units JDI, Phazer and JDV available in the 500 series format. In additional several new modules are coming out like the Komit compressor and a new pre amp module
Radial modules

Ocean Way Audio has revamped there HR series far field monitors with the IMPACT series monitors. There Allen Sides designed beauties having stunning Frequency response + /- 2dB 18Hz – 20kHz
and Symmetry between channels +/- .5 dB 1k to 20kHz.


Thrive Audio showed off their latest in amplification and DJ filter technology. This amp is one of the best sounding amps for live applications I’ve heard in a long time.
thrive rack
The new Retro Instruments 2A3 Dual channel program EQ very interesting. Using Pultec style EQ curves and design improvements of the original version – the new versions offer great flexibility for tracking and mixing applications. I totally want one.
The Adam S3x version is the second generation of the S3A speaker which always struck me as a speaker that was in a class of its own. The new version is very high fi sounding, it made me want to listen some Billy Joel records.


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