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Every Friday night Studio 11 gets a visit from YG of Sharp Shooters Entertainment.  This week he was definitely on point with his new record “Laugh Now Cry Later.”

Upon first loading up the track, questions started to fly about how YG would attack it.  The track has a downbeat that was hard to feel at first, and constant drum fills made it rhythmically even more interesting.  As you can hear, YG took a dead on, hard flowing approach that matched the energy of the beat really well.

On the mix side, we decided to stack the chorus pretty heavy, and delay some key words to make it more “hooky.”  YG is pretty strong in the upper midrange, so some EQ on the beat was necessary to make sure the horns did not fight with the vocal.  Once all the frequencies were cleared, we were able to focus on some creative elements with the ad-libs and beat drops.

All things considered, it was a fun session with a high energy track. Be on the lookout for more from YG, he is a longtime client of Studio 11 and comes in weekly!


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