Gibson ES guitars

The Gibson ES series is a line of semi-acoustic guitars, that means hollow body electric guitars, manufactured by the famous Gibson Guitar Company. The letters ES mean Electric Spanish style to differentiate them from the Hawaiian ones.

1959 ES-175 – this one was a revolutionary breakthrough at its time and it still keeps high standards. Body of three-ply plain maple, neck of mahogany and rosewood fingerboard, it impresses you from the beginning with the benchmark jazz sound. The zig-zag tailpiece adds a bit of edge to this shiny model.

My own favorite is the Trini Lopez ES guitar and it is actually a reissue of the popular Trini Lopez Standard from the mid 1960s. The unique sound convinced me from the first time I touched it and the vintage look together with the diamond-shaped f-holes make it very difficult to forget.

Ltd. Edition ES-345 – Devilishly but classy look and truly high-class

Gibson Custom Es-345 Reissue Electric Blues Guitar Translucent Brown

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B.B. King Lucille is the artist’s favorite guitar, I found it extraordinary the way he spoke about it: “It seems that it loves to be petted and played with. There’s also a certain way you hold it and Lucille don’t want to play anything but the blues … Lucille is real”. This beauty was specially manufactured for the “King of the Blues” since 1980.

In my opinion, ES-330 has a will of its own, practically having its own way and convincing you to play all night long. It’s a lively, jazzy guitar, full of energy, whether you plug it in or play it acoustically.

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Epiphone’s Dot – simple and accessible.

Epiphone Dot Studio Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Worn Brown

ES-335 Dot Fat Neck – for those who prefer a larger, heavier neck

Gibson Custom Es-335 Dot

Also check out the 1963 ES-335 Block Inlay – immortalized the legends like Chuck Berry and B.B.King


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