Promotional Video for Joey Price new mixtape “Barely Broke Intellect”

On April 27th, Studio 11 welcomed the richly talented, smooth flowin’ Chicago Hip Hop artist known as Joey Price into our studio to record his brand new mix tape titled “Barely Broke Intellect”, dropping September 9th, 2014. “Barely Broke Intellect” was recorded and mixed in our B room studio by veteran engineer/producer Kris Anderson, the same room in Studio 11 that such artists as Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Rockie Fresh and King Louis all started their careers in.

Joey Price’s smooth layed back vocal delivery was recorded using the AT 4060 tube condenser microphone, which is known for capturing a rich warm mid range tone that is not to heavy on the high end. The signal was then routed into the Manley Voxbox for signal processing and amplification into Pro Tools HD, the digital recording system inside our B room.

Once all the vocal tracking had been finalized for each song on the mixtape, the vocals were then mixed together with their instrumental accompaniment inside Pro Tools. During the mixdown process, Joey Price’s lead and background vocals were treated using the Waves Renaissance Compressor and De-Esser plug-ins, along with the Sonnox GML EQ plug-in for equalization. For basic effects such as reverb and chorus, Joey’s vocals were then processed using Waves Renaissance Reverb, Waves Metaflanger, Sonnox Reverb, Digidesign’s Reverb One and DVerb. Digidesign’s Extra Long Delay and Waves HDelay and Supertap were used for all special delay effects. Distortion and phone filter processing were done using Ampfarm, Digidesign’s Lofi and Digidesign’s 7 band parametric eq plug-in.

Check out Joey Price’s new promotional video for ‘Barely Broke Intellect’ where he discusses his own life experiences and the influences, music and words of ‘Barely Broke Intellect’.





Although we at Studio 11 are known throughout Chicago as the go to guys for that local rap and hip hop sound, every now and then the word gets out to a signed artist that they need to be recording their projects within the confines of our studio. Last month, Studio 11 welcomed talented rapper and artist ‘Arab’, formerly of Soulja Boy, into the A room to perform a feature on local rapper Dizzle’s new track “OD On Swag”. Recorded by our new engineer Kris ‘Chop Chop’ Anderson, Arab brought the A game with his spontaneous style and flow, complimenting the infectiousness of Dizzle’s hooks and verse.

Check out a little video we recorded of their time in the studio together.


What can we say about Elo?….He’s great! Elo Green has been a Studio 11 client since 2008 and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him with a note-pad. Elo prefers the “in-the-moment” style of making records. He’s a busy guy so when he gets into the studio, we pick a track and he just vents in the booth. Every song I’ve done with Elo has been entirely created on the spot using a collection of Elo’s freestyled lyrics. The result is music that sounds raw, uncut, natural, and real.

Above you are checking out a new joint from Elo that might make the cut for his next album “Dredz and 30 Poppaz” sometime in 2014. We’ll keep you posted!

Check out Elo @

Below is some more work from Elo

Steve Anderson – Engineer


Every week Studio 11 gets a visit from C.J. Hamilton.  C.J. has been recording at Studio 11 since 2008 and always brings some great tracks to work on.  Not only is he a great client, but over the years I’ve had the honor of kicking it with C.J. outside the studio as well.  I’ve also produced tracks for him and sang on his records.  In a city currently flooded with drill and bop records, C.J. offers us a more introspective sound.  His records are usually full of social commentary and self examination, but delivered in a relatable way.  He has a unique ability to draw from his own life experiences while never abandoning his listeners.  A listen through C.J.’s catalog will take you on a journey of highs and lows, recall nostalgic moments in your life, and possibly make you re-think whats really important to you.

I’ve had the pleasure of helping C.J. complete 3 stellar mixtapes:

The Backup Plan (2009)

The Waiting Room (2011)

Which Way Is Up (2012)

The track heard above will be on C.J.’s newest project, entitiled “Some Kind of Hero”  and will be released sometime in 2014. We’re all looking forward to it.   If you are a fan of real hip hop that doesn’t sugarcoat complex issues while still being fun to listen to, C.J. is an artist you need in your record collection.

Twitter – @cjhamilton19
Instagram – theonlycjhamilton

Check out more from C.J. here:

And some more videos below..

Steve Anderson – Engineer

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