Above you can see The Dutchboyz recording the outro for their new project “The Dutchboyz Presents: Become Legendary”

The Dutchboyz have been recording at Studio 11 since 2007.  The B Room has been a part of many singles and mixtapes such as “Ill Street Blues”, “Drinks On Me”, and “I Am Weasel Sims Jr“.  The Dutchboyz are a collective of many west-side Chicago artists, mostly hailing from the “woods.”  Each with their own distinctive style, this group effort never fails to create interesting projects with something for everyone. A quick listen to the track above shows the versatility of this group.  From melodic hooks to autotuned ad-libs to straight rap, these guys do it all.

One thing I love about The Dutchboyz is their ability to think outside the box and experiment.  Every session at Studio 11 involves some kind of experimentation with new vocal techniques, flow patterns, mixing effects, and beats.  As an engineer, its a joy and a challenge working with these unpredictable artists.

The Dutchboyz new mixtape will be out sometime in December and will be released on Fake Shore Drive, Live Mixtapes, and Dat Piff.  Be on the lookout!

Below are a few more videos you can check out..

Also, follow the team on twitter for more updates…

Steve Anderson – Engineer




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