Recently, the influence of Chicago-based rappers on the music industry has become undeniable. Artists from this city are changing the face of the game every day, and we at Studio 11 are always honored when talent we have had the chance to work with long-term get their break and sign with a major label. Well, a few weeks ago, we had such an honor, with our client, Rockie Fresh.

After the local success of his first mix tape, Rockie’s Modern Life, Rockie found his way to Studio 11 in 2010 by way of his producer, a long-time client of the studio, The Gift. At this point, we started working on his The Otherside mix tape, footage of which can be viewed HERE. The Otherside turned out to be amazingly well received, and did great numbers online, setting him up for an even more successful run with his third mix tape, Driving 88. The exposure from these Studio 11 mixed projects elevated Rockie to a nationally known artist who began garnering the label attention he deserves.

RCA, Columbia, and Universal were just a few of the labels courting him for a contract. More notable, though, were Rockie’s recent label talks with both Diddy and Rick Ross. After a late night out in New York City with the record mogul, Rockie ultimately decided to sign with Ross’s Maybach Music Group just before sunrise on July 12.

For those of you who have been following Rockie or Rick Ross on Twitter, this may not have been a huge surprise. Around two months ago, Rockie released a video for Into the Future, the intro track of his previous mix tape, Driving 88. Ross showed his appreciation for the young talent by posting a link to the video in his Twitter feed multiple times after his A&R put Ross on to the video. What followed was a snowball of internet attention for Rockie, which could not have been far from his mind when Rick Ross came knocking at his door.

Rockie Fresh will be starting his next project, Electric Highway at Studio 11 this week—check back for updates!

Want to read more about Rockie’s signing? Check out what ROLLING STONE and MTV had to say…

Rockie Fresh info and tour dates HERE

Into The Future Video HERE

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