This week Studio 11 was visited by east siders Saint Nick and D. Brown, of Street Fame Clique Ent.

St. and D have done multiple projects through Studio 11’s B room over the years, and their material seems to keep getting stronger and stronger.  Both artists have done some maturing in recent years, fine tuning what their voices are capable of, with Saint gaining confidence as both a rapper and singer, and D finding his dominating tone as a rapper.

Here we get to see Saint working on his new joint “Its Nothin” for an upcoming project. The track has a huge energy and a massive “call and response” style hook.  Saint’s music always challenges me as an engineer, and this song was no exception.  Nick really likes his punch-lines to shine, and I often find myself digging deep into my bag of tricks to accommodate him.

This song was recorded with our typical all tube vocal chain used in Studio B, and mixed on our Pro Tools HD system.  Creating headroom on a track this massive was a bit tough, but some delicate side chaining really made the vocals stand out and sit out front.  Some cool sound effects from my collection were used, as well as a Transformers sound that Nick found online.

All in all it was a short, but fun session and we wound up with a banger.  Check out more from Street Famous on their Facebook.

Steve Anderson



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