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We recently had our boy Kris Warren in the studio workin on some tracks.  Kris has really stepped up his game this year and has been busy making videos and traveling to promote his music.

Kris works with producers from all over, but recently has been working on tracks produced in Los Angeles and Chicago, hence the name of his upcoming project “From Chi to LA

Here we get a peak at Kris working on a joint called “Run Tell That“, a track riddled with classic Chicago pimpery.  As you can hear, there are some female vocals performed by one of Kris’ go-to girls Amanda Cameron.  The beat is produced by once Chicagoan, now Angelino, Jomekka.

This was a simple record to record and mix.  Kris likes his stuff pretty natural sounding, so we kept his voice pretty dry, and saved most of the vocal effecting for Amanda’s parts.  Both vocalists were tracked through the Audio Technica At-4060 and the Manley VoxBox.  Amanda’s voice was wet up with the Waves Supertap Delay and some Sony Oxford plate reverb emulation.

Check out more from Kris at his website

Steve Anderson



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