Saturday we got a visit from south siders Big Bizness.

The BB crew had a big year in 2010, with Butta putting out a great mixtape and releasing a Chicago radio hit called “Whutz Poppin Ride.” Both the actual song and the remix are still being played pretty heavy around town…not surprising considering the names who stepped up to the plate to feature with Butta, such as:

Arrogant, Bo Deal, Benny Franks, Boss Kane, and DatBoyHot.

Butta Da Prince - Studio 11 Chicago.

Here we see that its not always Butta that blows up the booth when Big Bizness sessions are booked. This weekend we got to work with some of the other guys in the camp for the record “That Thang.” The song features Swat and Da Beast of Big Bizness. Swat has really come into his own lately as the resident singer for the group, and Da Beast always has hot 16s on deck!

We took a classic Pop/R&B approach on the mix. Swat’s vocals have a touch of Antares Autotune, an analog sounding delay through the Waves Supertap, and some corrective eq, compression, and reverb. Da Beast’s verses are wet up a bit with the Waves Enigma, using Steve’s secret variation to the “flangeverb” preset.

Find out more about Big Bizness HERE, or just tune in to WGCI!


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