Its Saturday Night Live! At Studio 11 that is….

Flyy City Entertainment’s resident R&B artist C-Rich came through for a really productive session. In 3 hours, he was able to knock out 2 full songs, and make some edits on 3 others. We get to hear C-Rich talk briefly about his upcoming project, “Back Seat Music,” and watch him record parts of his new song “Alone.”

Mr. Rich is really organized in the studio, so sessions with him are always relaxed and a lot of fun. The song featured in this video blog is a heart felt, somber piece. Some notable techniques were used on the mix side of this record. The hook clearly took a back seat (no pun intended) to the lead parts… so we went for that “dreamy” and “airy” background vocal sound… The main vocals are speckled with delays and a nice Sony Oxford plate reverb emulation.

C-Rich and the whole Flyy City team seem to be gearing up for a big year….I for one cant wait!

Check out more from C-Rich at his Website


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